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Climate Change Community Workshop

The Iwokrama International Centre conducted another Community Workshop in a series addressing Climate Change and the Role of Forests. Over forty-five Toshaos, Village councillors and other residents from Maruranau, Awarenau and Shea participated in the discussions held from February 28 – March 02, 2011 in Maruranau, South Rupununi.

Workshop facilitators Maruranau Toshao Patrick Gomes, Rebecca Xavier of NRDDB/Wowetta and Vitus Antone of CI-Guyana were supported by Rene’ Edwards (CI); and Anne-Marie Ford and Vanessa Benn of Iwokrama. Deputy Commissioner of Forests Mr Tasreef Khan representing the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Office of Climate Change, provided updates on the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), the Guyana-Norway agreement, and generally on forestry in Guyana.

These Community Workshops organised in collaboration with Conservation International – Guyana and other partners to help build local capacity and support national initiatives on reducing deforestation and degradation in Guyana will continue at other locations over the coming months.

Scenes from the workshop

Group Activity

Participants and Facilitators