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Community Outreach

Iwokrama supports the development of conservation leaders though support to the wildlife clubs and primary schools of the North Rupununi. 2 meetings are hosted annually for wildlife club members during which participants come together to learn about monitoring, environmental stewardship as well as hone their social and management skills over 2 days of dynamic and interactive mini workshops. Training in monitoring Giant River Otters at Karanambu Ranch as well as birds and at the Canopy Walkway were completed with wildlife club members.

Another step in understanding and taking an active role in resource management, this is a fun and interactive opportunity for skills and capacity building with youth. Wildlife club members are active in conservation and management and played a key role as community researchers monitoring and patrolling endangered Giant River Turtles in the Rupununi over the past 2 years. Currently, Outreach and Research Assistants, Micah Davis and Russian Dorrick are in the field, meeting club members and school children to follow up on lessons learned at the last wildlife club meeting and to assisting clubs to preparing for the 10th Annual Wildlife Festival. The festival is a celebration of environment and culture and over 250 youths from 16 communities will be attending. This year our theme is “Our Culture, Our Nature, Our Life” and we will be celebrating at Bina Hill from April 16, 17, 18 this year. All are invited to attend!

Surama Costume - 2010

Yupukari Costume - 2010

Wowetta Costume - 2010