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EU – Fisheries and Resource Management

Over the last year the Fisheries and Resource Management Team has met and discussed with the communities and other Stakeholders the management of fish resources within the North Rupununi.

The data collected was summarised with the help of the Toshaos at a general meeting held at Bina Hill. This summary is being used to draft the fisheries management plan. As this occurs the team has begun working with the community of Surama on their community conservation area management plan. Surama has taken the lead of putting into practice the ideas and ideals they have embraced stemming from their partnership with the Iwokrama International Centre. The last meeting was held on the 12 March with participation from Surama’s sister communities. The first draft of the Surama Wilderness Reserve Management Plan is expected within the next few weeks. Classes at the Bina Hill Institute Youth Learning Centre in Fisheries Management continued until the end of March. There will be a break to allow the students to prepare for their CSEC examinations in Maths and English.

EU - Fisheries and Resource Management

Fisheries and Resource Management