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Intellectual Property and Services

The IIC considers itself to be the cutting-edge in various fields related to conservation and sustainable use of tropical rainforests and has carried out a lot of research into the development of sustainable, non-timber and non-tourist forest enterprises.

In general terms, this area fits within a larger area of research and development currently under development by a number of similar, academic and tropical forest management organizations around the world. This research commonly defines three sectors:

Non-timber forest products (NTFP)

  1. plant products e.g. high-value seeds, resins, oils such as Crabwood oil, etc.
  2. genetic and biochemical assets (products of bio-prospecting)
  3. honey
  4. fish and other fauna (sustainably produced)
  5. community and craft products

Environmental services

  1. soil stabilisation
  2. watershed management
  3. habitat and biodiversity management
  4. carbon sequestration

Intellectual property

  1. consulting
  2. research
  3. brand

IIC has development activity underway, or plans to do so, in the areas of:

  1. plant products (e.g. crabwood oil) and bio-prospecting (e.g. various fungal derivatives)
  2. consulting
  3. applied and academic research.

New opportunities are arising in Carbon Sequestration and Brand Management

Also, there is a large, standing body of research carried out at Iwokrama, e.g. Geographic Information Service (GIS), which serves to augment the opportunities in Consulting.