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Forest Connect Membership (Guyana)

This section provides in a tabular form a profile of each of the forest-linked members detailing: the name of the associations, address, contact person, type of association, social and environmental roles, activities, decision-making structure, statement on product quality and message to consumers.

The 13 forest linked members are categorised as:
 (i)        Women’s handicraft and sewing development associations (7)
(ii)        Forest producers/loggers associations (3)
(iii)       Research and development (2)
(iv)       Community based eco-tourism enterprise (1)

All of the associations provide social, environmental and economical benefits within their respective communities. Most of the associations are involved in income generating activities for their membership through sale of their products.

The associations in turn assist in providing small loans to members, monies/loans to sick persons, self-help activities in the village, donations to schools, try to follow environmental practises in the harvesting of raw materials etc. These are many other direct and indirect benefits to the communities, for example, the logging associations directly contribute to small businesses within the communities through purchases of ration and other items for logging activities and also one of the associations contribute a monthly fixed donation for community development.

Their roles in social and economical contributions within the community is significant and often the only means of income by the women for her household. The handicraft and the eco-tourism associations enhance and maintain cultural practises within the communities. The handicraft and sewing associations struggle to maintain their membership due to the lack of markets. The associations which are part of the forest-connect membership are located in all of the regions, except for Region 8.


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