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Bootooba/Muritaro Woodworking and Chainsaw Association.

Bootooba/Muritaro Woodworking and Chainsaw Association is legally registered under the Friendly Societies Act and has a constitution. This association was started by Kristy Duggin and a few young persons from the village through the President Youth Choice Initiative. The members came together to form this association to create employment, reduce poverty and for residents to acquire comfortable homes for the residents. The members are from the Muritaro Amerindian Village which cover approximately 100 square miles. The main activity in the community is lumbering.

The association functions to improve the quality of life by reducing poverty and organising members. They also have to follow the GFC guidelines. The benefits are shared in 70%-30% basis where the workers are given 70% and 30% is deducted for maintenance and use of equipment. The association assist in health, education, sports and agriculture. They also assist the older people, sick children, helping persons to continue education, purchasing text books, paying examination fees and medicines.


Kristy Duggin, President
Muritaro Village
Upper Demerara, Region 10
Tel: 592-444-9283
Cell: 592-657-5391/683-1398/




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