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Moraikobai Village Council (Loggers Group), Region 5.

Moraikobai Village Council (Loggers Group), Region 5 consists of approximately 112 members. There are currently 74 chainsaws within the community. The Village Council would like to decrease the current rate of harvesting within the Moraikobai Forest. The Council would like to promote value adding of the timber resources through skills training in furniture manufacturing. The Village has a multi-purpose centre which can be used for training. They are willing to work with investors to do value adding of the resources. They require a planar and other machinery to do this type of value adding work. This would create more employment and will benefit more families within the village.

The Council wants to use the remaining resources wisely in the interest of the community. The Council has implemented a quota system for timber harvesting. This has curbed some of the previous practises of outsiders using villagers to harvest the resources. The Village Council is enforcing the quota system though the GFC tagging system. The loggers do not follow all the GFC guidelines for sustainable forest management but the Council hopes to gradually enforce the guidelines. The Council would like to use the wood waste and collect seeds from the timber trees for interested designers.

The main means of employment within the community is logging, farming and handicraft making. A small royalty from logging is paid to the Village Council. This is calculated as $2 per bm. The royalty from logging has contributed to building of the multi-purpose centre, boat building, purchasing of a generator, donation to the sports club, school, health centre and cultural group (transportation), loans for sick persons (emergency cases).

The main challenges facing the loggers are markets, proper roads and low price for timber. The Village Council has received assistance from USAID, GFC, GMPP and others.


Colin Andrews
Moraikobai Village, Region 5
Tel: 592-444-928



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