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Region 10 Agriculture and Forest Producers Association (R10AFPA), Region 10

Region 10 Agriculture and Forest Producers Association (R10AFPA), Region 10 is a community-based organization registered under the Friendly Societies Act. This organisation was formed out of the need to create employment, reduce poverty by financially empowering the residents of Region 10 and provide an opportunity to diversify from the traditional bauxite industry for which this community is known.

Region10 Agriculture & Forest Producers Association has two concessions, namely, Makouria in Region 10. R10 AFPA harvests mainly Wallaba products on its 44,000 acreages concessions No. 23/01 and 24/01. Region10 Agriculture & Forest Producers Association members are mainly from Linden and on the outskirts of the region 10. The 105 members employ staff from various parts of Guyana. 


Mr.Winston Smith
Vice Chairman
62 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden
Guyana, South America

Tel: 592 444 6293/592 665 1207/592 624 1368

Email: winston@samerica.com or rafpa@yahoo.com

R10 AFPA main activities are timber harvesting and agriculture. The association has 105 active members in mainly the forestry sector and to a lesser extent in the agriculture sector. The agricultural members are currently working with New GMC to sell pumpkins and other cash crop products. Region10 Agriculture & Forest Producers Association has no limit on tags for its members. The members received tags on the ability to produce. RAFPA has thirteen (13) staff members including forest rangers that monitor the activities in the concession.

The organisation’s main aim is to help eradicate poverty in region 10. They have adopted 60 HIV/AIDS orphans from the Hands of Love Foundation to provide the kids with uniform and meals. They also assist residents of the community from time to time in areas such as medical bills and sports activities. R10 AFPA also assists homeless persons and gives loans to their members to purchase equipment in the housing construction business.


The Directors set the policies of the organisation. The members are responsible for the sale and marketing of their products. The members have to pay membership fees are paid which covers the administrative costs of running the organisation and funding of community activities.

Key Message:

“Thank you for choosing our product, you are helping to eradicate poverty in our region”


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