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Upper Berbice Forest Producers Association (UBFPA), Region 10.

Upper Berbice Forest Producers Association (UBFPA), Region 10 is legally registered under the Small Business Act. In 2001, most chainsaw operators in and around Kwakwani were involved in illegal logging. There were many conflicts between the UBFPA and the GFC and owners of State Forests Permissions and TSA holders. Subsequently a group called the Region 10 Forest Producers Association was formed.

In 2002, the chainsaw operators in Kwakwani left the R10 FPA and formed the UBFPA. UBFPA was initially granted 3 SFPs by the GFC and in 2005, they were granted a further 3 SFPs and in 2005 we were granted an additional 3 SFPs. In 2006, 2 additional SFPs were granted to the UBFPA. There is an average of 100 000 acres of forested lands available to the UBFPA due to the need to improve livelihoods. At present, there are 90 members. The UBFPA started with 30 members.


Upper Berbice Forest Producers Association (UBFPA)
Kwakwani, Waterfront, Berbice River, Region 10, Guyana

Mr. Frederick David
Upper Berbice Forest Producers Association (UBFPA)
Kwakwani Park, Berbice River, Region 10, Guyana
Tel: 592 440 2282



UBFPA represents residents of Kwakwani with a population of 3000-4000 persons. UBFPA has 90 members but it provides indirect benefits to approximately 400 persons. UBFPA provide jobs either directly or indirectly for about 300-400persons, for example, road cutting, loading tractors and trucks, crossing on ballahoos, driving tractors, chainsaw operators, truck drivers, porters, choker men, tree spotters, shops, guards. UBFPA provides $35 000 per month to the community (this amount will increase to $45,000 from April 2007). UBFPA assist finically upon request to assist sick persons, churches and the schools. UBFPA provide a small loan of up to $15,000 to members. The association plans to assist the communities down the Berbice River, for example, Ebini, Maria Henrietta, Calcuni and Kimbia by providing better market opportunities for their forest produce.


Decisions are made at the General and Executive meetings. Urgent decisions are made by round robin to the members of the Executive Committee. Each member operates individually. But the Association is planning to centralise all sales as soon as they can acquire the necessary machinery and finances.

Key Message:

Supporting the UBFPA will assist in alleviating poverty in the Berbice River.


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