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Kabakaburi Handicraft Association (KHA), Region 2

Kabakarui Handicraft Association (KHA), Region 2 is legally registered community based organisation under the Friendly Societies Act. The association was formed in May 1994 with approximately 20 members. The association was formed to create employment for people in the community. The geographical areas include Ariapiaco, Macaseema and Yabamai.


Ms. Olga Smith
Kabakaburi Village, Pomeroon River, Region 2

c/o Ministry of Amerindian Affairs


Role in social and environmental activities:

The members organise a ‘bring and buy sale’ as a fund raising activity. They assist in community development through manual labour and also organise community self help projects for the schools and health centre.


Decisions are made by the members and all members receive monies from the sale of their products. The association deducts 5 % from every $500 of their wages.

Key Message:

“If your buy our products, you will be easing the burden and lessening the stress on us the mothers to send our children back to school every September”.

Received certificate of recognition from the Guyana Volunteer Consultancy (GVC)

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