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Kamouni Women's Handicraft and Sewing Development Association, Region 3

Kamouni Women’s Handicraft and Sewing Development Association, Region 3 started after the community Nurse saw a need to develop a small enterprise since a few ladies would usually make and sell their craft to the visitors/tourists who visited the community. The ladies used to sell the craft at the boat landing to the visitors. The Nurse lobbied for some assistance and eventually received help from Futures Fund to build a craft facility. The association was formed with approximately 20 members who were able to operate from their own building to display and sell craft to the visitors.


Ms. Lucille Barker
Santa Mission, Kamouie Creek, Demerara River, Region 3
c/o Soesdyke PO. Region 3
Tel: 592 656 0037

c/o Ministry of Amerindian Affairs



The Association has members from Santa Mission, Aratack Mission and a few residents located at both ends of the creek. The members display and sell craft items and teach and train younger women to do standard and quality craft work. The Association aims to improve the lifestyle of all members through constant training and involvement in major exhibitions. It also aims to provide employment and training for women in the community and provide the opportunity for women to become independent and to assist in financing their home economy.

The members work with the Village Council in beautifying the community by landscaping, providing bins and litter signs to ensure the community is litter free.


The Association is well managed and it functions by following the Constitution of the association. Decisions are made on by a Committee and not by one person alone. These decisions are then filtered to members through quarterly meetings where members also are allowed to give their opinions. A 10% tax is deducted on each product sold. This tax allows members to be granted loans when necessary and also an emergency fund is provided in case any member becomes sick. The Association provides lunch when necessary and assist members to take part in educational tours. The Association support the school and other activities, for example, the Amerindian Pageant on an annual basis.

Supporting Organisations:

The association received external support in 2002 in the form of a grant of 1.5 million Guyana dollars, which was to used to build a benab/craft centre. In 2005, the PRCSSP funded the building of two washrooms and store room and provided the utensils for the teaching of home economics; sewing machines etc.; solar panels; and a computer.

Key Message:
You are buying a product that is a piece of unique indigenous craft made from the finest quality material found only at Santa/Aratack Amerindian Mission. The product is beautifully designed and long lasting.

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