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Karawab Women's Group, Region 2

Karawab Women’s Group, Region 2 is located on the right bank of the Pomeroon River, approximately 30 miles from Charity in Region 2. It is located on a high hill. The association aims to educate women in appropriate skills to be able to earn an income and create job opportunities for women. The association teaches women to be self employed and creative. The women are involved in sewing, handicraft and ceramics production.

Members provided their own sewing materials to make the clothes. The monies from the sale of clothes go towards the maker. However, when the group provides the materials, the money goes towards the group members.


Mrs. Hilda Ramydal
30 Miles from Charity
Karawab – opposite the school.
c/o Ministry of Amerindian Affairs

Ms. Zelda Braithwaite
School Compound

Radio set # 5300 (frequency)



Supporting Organisations:

The project was funded by ICCA many years ago. The members subsequently were assisted by SIMAP which donated materials and trained the women management. However, external support has not been forthcoming from any organisation, for some years now.

Trophy was awarded for first place for Nibbi craft products at a Regional Agriculture Month Exhibition.

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