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Moraikobai Handicraft Association, Region 5

Moraikobai Handicraft Association, Region 5 started approximately 12-15 years ago. There are currently 40 females and 12 males within the membership of the association. The village has a population of 1200 persons accounting for approximately 180 households. The association is predominantly involve in handicraft making, cultural and sporting activities.

The members sell craft to mainly the visitors to the village and a few local markets at the main handicraft centre (kiosk) outside of the Guyana Post Office. A small percentage on each item sold is charged by the association. Each craft maker is given a unique serial number to be place on their items to be sold. Decisions are made at meetings and the Chair Person of the association is responsible for disseminating the decisions to members.

This association is not presently supported by any organisation. The skills for hammock and carpet making (Arawak designs) reside with the village. Cotton hammocks are also made by the women.


Lawrance Adrian (Vice President) or Juliet Robinson (Secretary)
Moraikobai Village, Mahaicony River, Region 5

Tel : 592-444-9285




Key Message:

Our handicraft is handmade with all natural materials from the forest.


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