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Moruca Embroidery Group, Region 1

Moruca Embroidery Group, Region 1 is a community based enterprise. It is located at Santa Rosa, Region 1. This Group was formally established in January 2007 but most of the women have been working together for the past five years. The Moruca Embroidery Group engages women from the Waramuri and Santa Rosa communities.  

The Moruca Embroidery Group, headed by Jean Rodrigues (Aunty Jean), comprises of women from the Santa Rosa and Waramuri communities. They produce hats, bags, pillow cases and tea towels embroidered with the emblem representation of the local flora and fauna of the North-western Region, especially of the four species of sea turtles that nest at Shell Beach, Guyana. The Group is also engaged in the production of embroidery by local women, including classes for young girls in the art of embroidery.

Special Note: Products are sold from the Iwokrama International Centre head office in Georgetown.



Moruca Embroidery Group
c/o Mrs. Jean Rodrigues
Green Island, Santa Rosa, Moruca
Region 1, Guyana
Tel: 592 771 5000 (Trevor)

Aunty Jean
Tel: 592 675 7245

Michelle Kalamandeen
Project Coordinator
Guyana Marin Turtle Conservation Society (GMTCS)
Le Meridien Pegasus, Kingston, Guyana
Tel: 592 225 4483/4 or
592-222 4921

Role in social and environmental activities:

Some women from these communities have husbands who depend heavily on fishing at Shell Beach and also engage in illegal sea turtle meat and egg harvesting. Sea turtle by catch is a growing problem in the area. Providing Santa Rosa and Waramuri women with commercial opportunities is a means of promoting an alternative income into the home of these fishermen, and one that relies on promoting sea turtle conservation rather than exploitation.

The Moruca Embroidery Group is working closely with the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society (GMTCS) to help ensure that sea turtle conservation is achieved by engaging local indigenous communities in alternative income projects to sea turtle harvesting. This project is also a testament to the role that the women can and are playing in developing projects and solving local problems for the benefit of the local communities and the environment.


Decisions are made by the Group with the Head of the Group making any executive decision when necessary. All proceeds from the sale of the products are directed to the Group to buy materials, and to pay the women for their effort.

Product Quality:

All items are individually designed and stitched by the women of the Waramuri and Santa Rosa communities. The Head of the Women’s Group, Mrs. Jean Rodrigues have been appointed as the product quality manager and inspects every item to ensure quality design and stitching before items are placed on the markets.

Key Message:
Moruca Embroidery: Quality hats, bags and linen are hand-made by the Amerindian women for the benefit of their communities and sea turtle conservation. 

Annalise Bayney
Outreach Coordinator
Iwokrama International Centre
77 High St., Kingston.
Tel 592 225 1504

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