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Rural Women's Network (RWN)

Rural Women's Network (RWN) was formed to aid in poverty reduction of rural women. The Rural Women’s Network established a steering Committee aimed at empowering, advocating on behalf of rural and hinterland women’s development and promoting entrepreneurial ship. The organization was publicly launched in November 1998.

The Network networks with women’s organisations/groups/individuals from the ten administrative regions. Regionally, the formation of the Caribbean Network of Rural Women’s Producers was initiated by the RWN. CANROP is registered in Guyana under the Friendly Society Act. Current membership includes: Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad &Tobago, St Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Suriname, and Antigua. The mission of RWN is to empower rural women to improve their standard of living through training, cultural exchange, access to credit and networking with a focus on capacity building. Role: improving the livelihood options and sustainability of rural women, families and communities. Also transferring skills to rural women in small business management, poultry, hydroponics agriculture, food/fruit processing and handicraft.

RWN is mainly involved in training and capacity building of the members, provides a revolving (micro) loan fund for members and provides networking opportunities.


Pauline Sukhai
c/o IICA 18 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown
Tel: 592-226-8835/592-22- 8849
Fax: 592-225-8358

Email: Pauline_sukhai@yahoo.com



The Board implements, approves and makes decision. The AGM approves the annual work programme. The proceeds from products sale are paid to the producing groups and a 10% service charge is retained by the Network.

Key Message:
“Support Rural Women’s Products for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods”.

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