Guide to the Mammals of Iwokrama

Text by Mark D. Engstrom, Burton K. Lim, and Fiona A. Reid,
in association with the North Rupununi Development Board.
Illustrated by Fiona A. Reid.
Online guide
A multimedia identification guide to the most distinctive mammals in the Iwokrama Forest. Each species profile includes a colour illustration and details of the appearance, habits and ecology. Maps show where scientists have recorded each species in the forest.
Printed Field Guide
An abridged version of the guide is available as a pocket-size booklet which is ideal for use in the field. An actual-size sample can be previewed here (PDF format; file size: 322 Kb). To view it you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader.
About the Guide
Find out more about how the guide was produced in a unique collaboration between local Guyanese people, Guyanese and North American biologists and International funding agencies.

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